Tuesday, September 18, 2012

ICFcamp 2009!!! awesome!!

this is where i went ..on the 18-21st august!!!
once again INTI Christian Fellowship brought us with a camp!! hmm this time is at Golden Sands,Port Dickson. if im not mistaken year 2007 we went there too! great memories..
here we go...

in the bus..on the way...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Flash Backs...

I noticed that ive abandoned my blog almost half a year there's a few reasons y a person may stop bloggin for while.seriously...sometimes I do feel lazy, secondly, we can express shorter and faster thru Facebook and its instant responds and i on it all the time for updates and lastly is the because of the amount of things we gota do in Uni (assign,homework) plus preparation for CF and catching up with new friends! last month I told myself i wanted to write down something here...then i really got lazy...tellin myself.."ah i will remember those days and all he things tat happened"... then i what made me come back here today....? i was too bored...doing nothing in my room...n complained to a fren of mine...and he ended up giving me his blog site...i was like woah....i wana keep my blog alive! lol..well apparently he helped me motivate me to blog again.. well but most of the things i wanted to say here its been told to public... but going to tell type something anyway... =D

1)On my fren's bday last month.....i called her out for dinner, but ended up so ngam she ajak me and few of her close frens to dinner in Sushi King, Nilai. so what happen was...we took a bus...supposed to be INTI bus which is free..but end up in some duno wat public bus...paid RM 1.50...INTI bus stops right infront of Giant but tat public bus we've to walk.....walk like...10 min to Giant aka Sushi King is around there...and guess wat it was so coincident tat, sushi king was having a RM2 per plate promotion for members!!and end up she belanja us dinner lol.. so weeee~!! then after dinner, her fren brought us to a Korean restaurant to taste some SOJU!! well the idea came out because she turned 21 this year.. n wanted to experience alcohol (other than beer). LOL the SOJU...well to me it tasted like my face turned RED after few shots! =D ok NOW....wat's "interesting" is that.......on that day itself.....It was my FIRST TIME taking that public bus to FIRST TIME eating in Sushi King in Nilai's branch...FIRST TIME eating with tat RM2 PROMOTION after a looong looong time...and........last but not the least....It was my FIRST TIME drinking SOJU!!!!! lol...Thanks to her n her frens! she enjoyed, i enjoyed! n oh yeaaaAAAA!!!!^^ and the next day...i ate Sushi King for Lunch!!! ahhahahah!!! AGAIN!! lol kinda broke after 2days eating IT. BTW, one fact bout me...i can eat sushi almost everyday and not get bored of it! =p

NEXT,Last week, I went Roller Skating!!!!ahahahahha it has been a looong looooong time!!but the fun part was...its DISCO style! u know how it is so popular 20 years back then!! well i had my 1st roller skates when i was std 2 or 3??but tat time i only played is at home...outside my house or near was was my bday present from my dad..i love it very much..after few years leg dont fit into it anymore...and the hipe was about ICE SKATING....from that day on...ICE skating is da BOMB!!!its similar so i learnt it fast! and later on after many years of ice skating...i got bored of it...dei u know...i stay near by...i can just walk to Pyramid and skate anytime. 10 years back it was things getting super yea..stopped ice skate for while..(but im fine if anyone ask me to skate once a while) my bro told me tat...when he was std 2(e're4 years apart) aunt brought him to Disco skating once! i was cool he get to do tat at tat time! and the entry was just only RM2!! now, Disco skating is coming back but its still not popular in Msia. it in Subang Avenue! go check it out..but its RM 15 now..for 3 hours! u can actually find discount for it in or if not mistaken its RM7 Using tat promotion..yup half price but u can only skate for 2 hours la! woah its been a long time i had not roller skate..the last time i skate was well just early this year when INTI has a skating club...they were promoting it by skating around the i went to try it out.NOT BAD at all! but it was just a 10-15 min thingy! =p btw, Skating is fun if u do it in a group of ....erm.around 5-8 ppl? DISCO Skating once is enuf for me! it killED my toes! @@ n the rented skates are Also.... SMELLLLLLLLLY!!!@@ oh oh...on Disco Skating day...i wore a polka dot baju!! hahaha.. tat was the lil highlight..! it was so disco-ish...with the bling bling Disco lights and Disco Songs! lol...xD lol..ok whoever is interested let me know!

oh yea...and one last thing tat i've to say this!! i went to JOGOYA edi!!! i mean during the was worth it!! =D NGEEEE~!!! i want more JAPANESE foooooood!!!!! yummmieeee~!! love love love it!


Tata for now!!!

Love, Kylie. ^^

Saturday, December 18, 2010

List for Christmas? hehehe..

yes i do have a list ya know!!! hmmmm...

guess what...coincidentally, when it is near my birthday, my tooth have me a problem..paid RM70-80 to fix it..there goes my its Christmas, the same tooth gave me problem..but now worst..i had to pull it off and do a bridge which cost me...25 times more expensive than the goes my Christmas "present" from my

im supposed to get a DSLR!! T.T

anyway, forget it if i cant get one now...i still do have a list! ><

1) my new teeth
3) a new hand bag
4) a new blouse
5) a new shorts
6) a 9 inch netbook skin
7) a cover for my Western Digital passport size HD
8) eye liner/mascara
9) padicure/manicure
10) new pair of shoes
11) an aluminum bottle
12) a cool/classic long chain with a bunch or ornament...
13) a watch...
14) a new lap top without taking my netbook back with u (applies to my dad) =p
15) new cute cuddly soft toy (i wana hug...a nice to hug toy) ^^ eeeeee~!!! wanted so many things ey? ok ler...this can be my next bday present(s) if i dont get it for Christmas! ha ha ha ha ha...yummmieee~!^^><

anything nice tat suits me will do...hahaha actually if dont have also ok wan...anything will do...or things i can keep and use for long term...well, the thoughts that count... =p la la la la la! ><

Happy Shopping!!!^^ Merry Christmas! <3

Kylie. =D

Simple but yet difficult?think about it....

sorry blog....i've abandoned u for 4 months..he he he...i was too lazy to jot my thoughts at that period of time...all my memory is in head for the moment...and what brings me here? haaaa brother!!!

My brother, he some how still annoys me...and it drives me crazy..i couldn't tell it to him on his im writing it here as a "let-go-my bad/bothered feelings" or a "complaint box"..ngeeee... XD

we all told him a "billion" times....i wonder what went into his head/brain.

so, what did he do this time? (well,almost every time).... =.=

below are the simple general house rules that he failed to follow:

1) off it when u on it (switch-fan/light & etc). Do not tell me to off it(when i usually do and only forgetful once in a while) when u do not off it yourself every time.

2) wash immediately if u dirty it (kitchen-cooking). Dude, the pan and floor is oily and sticky...come on!!!!!

3) open all windows when u cook, if not its going to be stuffy and smokey

4) rubbish?? come on!! it is common sense to throw it in the dustbin not the basin/back into the box (food wrappers/tissues). if u want to finish the food, just finish it- dont leave 1 piece to "pity me"...just eat it all...rather u eat it all!!!!!throw the wrapper!!!!dont be lazy to throw into the not leave it in the freaking box!!!@@

5) Put it back where u get it from.

6) ASK PERMISSION IF IT IS NOT YOURS!!!! (dude, it is not nice if u dont do what if ur older! respect other ppl yo!) *smack his head*!!!!

7) Never lock the inside door if everyone is not at home.lock it only when everyone is at home! (u already know this and yet.......ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh~!!!!)

8) fix it of u spoil it.

9) dont scold/curse other drivers, u hypocrite!!

10) smile and be nice to people..dont shout, be polite, do not be greedy..respect ppl's time and it right. (dont do it only when called to do it or guest is it all the real, be healthy).

this is for $%#^&*&^%$#@ pissed. for goodness sake. ur 26 years old now... clean ur behavior and clean the house...u stay in it, u'll have to ur freaking bills, ur already working!!

u know, i dont know how will this kinda person survive outside later on, cant rely on ur parents is sad...and they think they know everything...and that they are "right" about everything...

even by looking into the mirror, they wont able to see the ugly side of themselves.for one does not know how to follow a simple rule.

familiar??do i sound like a mom? yes i think i do....if it annoys u.too bad if u cant tahan it.but that's the with it.. already very patience...yes,i am ignoring avoid conflict!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy Birthday my GF!!

Hey Gold Fish - Nic,Cheong How Min. =)

Happy Birthday and also Congrats to ur Graduation! =)
here this is dedicated to u...

memory no 1..
known u since Jan 2007 intake in INTI Subang. u and the whole bunch of u...CRAZY i wud say. n u were always the outstanding one in the whole i mean, u were very well known of who u are...very loud that entertains all of us i rem "im not a joker, i am an entertainer!!"..... Lec wud always call ur name to answer their questions...just because u gave them the unnecessary attention...

then i rem u sitting behind me asking ur frens if they have any leds...n i was like (rolled my eyes thinking "this ppl-all duno how to bring led but to take from ppl every day...sigh taking things for grandted only) but sudd i turned around to pass it to u...that is where our friendship begin... n grew after that...

then we catch up -talking bout anime...
later on, u just made not just my day...but the whole class...
bad times, good times....

u made me laugh every time i see u....nvr once i did not..

memory 2... tho!i rem still....duno if u rem! hahaha XD

memory 3...
u brought me to ur Nanny's house....great to know ur other side of u.. =)

other memories....

times tat we hang for my shoes...(ur not a good shopping partner i wud say) hahaa XD cos u couldn't help me with opinions n decisions lol...

shopping for my lil cousin's christmas present...

watching movies ... =)

also,over all....we all know tat ur head is very -blue n yellow- ahahah XD jkjk..
n we used to call u "ham chu sau" translate...."salted pig hand!"

there a pic of u "always kap lui" @.@ ahahah XD

we called u Gold Fish.....cos u look like "kam Yu lou" direct translate "Gold fish man".... all these are in cantonese...those of u hu wish for further explaination...pls ask ur chinese friends tat speaks cantonese..or find me when ur free! ahhahah XD

but above all....ur a good man...tat love this korean chick artist...sorry forget her name >< well,anyway...just that u are taking things slowly.. enjoying life... =) All the best in ur work patience.. stop smoking if u can... =p

sorry that i could not be around for sometime..will catch up with u when im back... yeap..the yum cha still on! ^^ let me know....this sat? haHAHA xD

Hope to see u around soon, my friend.

once again..."HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friend!" =)

Take care and God bless...

ps- oh yea where is ur grad pic? pls tag me in ur facebook.. >< tq!!!^^


wish i could have many ME!

yea... u know y...sometimes most of us wish to attend a few event in a day or at the same time? hehehe... 16th July, a Friday -Sooi Jin's b'day (USJ), 17th Jul, Saturday- Taylor's Ulti Open(Sri Kembangan), Installation Night (KLIA), F.E.S Hightea (dun rem where =p ), Brother's bday and Bon Odori... ahhaha....all different places... =.= the difficulty of having no car.....gaaaah.....@.@ well in the end i went back on Fri for SJ's bday....for i ffk-ed his plan the week b4( ffk = fong fei kei in cantonese, a chinese dialect = promised him to be there end up- i forgoten n did not go for it)want a direct translate? =D ffk is aka "let-go -airplane... HhHhahaha XD

so yea was a happening Saturday that i wish i could attend all of em...but in the end...i went for Bon Odori with my fren and my mom...and then brother's bday dinner! XD

Bon a Japanese Festival..they have it every year tho..... and it was my first time there...not bad la...expected more but i din had time to stay for the whole event.. =(

i prolly did post this edi...but this reminds me of LAST YEAR where my fren Joshua, me , my mom and Arielle wanted to go for Bon Odori..we were only "On the way" well basically we din get to reach there because we lost =/ we passed by tols and tols n tols (prolly the same tol) =.= embarrassing moments....but very funny...we laughed and laughed at ourselves all the way fren Arielle wore a YUkata(Jap- traditional dress) on tat took her few hours to wear tat...sigh....lagi embarrassed...n we end up going to Pyramid to eat Jap went back to change to her normal clothes which only took her 5 sec or prolly 5 min to take that Yukata! well she was afraid if she wore it to Pyramid everyone will look at her strangely.... if we wud tell them that we went Bon Odori ..but we dint so yea..hahah XD

anyway they played their traditional drum thingy and had dance to go along...everyone else (the audience) danced together -followed their footsteps..not bad tho...this also reminds me tat Arielle was well prepared for t he dance..she even memorized the steps before going ><......gaaaah....

last but notleast that sat afternoon....surprisingly i decided to cook. so yea.. i cooked.. >< spaghetti-tomato flavour! wheeeee~! classic! n on that day i was also officially a Monster's monster... hahahahaahaahhaha XD

ait here are a few pic for u..

me n my mom ^^ (look behind us) tat's the drum thingy n girls with yukata/kimono, they are dancers!! ^^

this are the amount of ppl there...(it is only one side of the Sukan Negara) @.@

this is Yuen Loong

i'll be back to B.O next year...hopefully ><


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

20 + 1 things I LiKE

Dear, "M....." L.Y.L,H.

1)i like the way u smile
2)i like the way u look at me
3)i like the way u are caring
4)i like that u play sports
5)i like that u are smart
6)i like that u will go crazy with me
7)i like the time u spend time with me
8)i like that u want to drive me around no matter it is far or of what reason
9)i like that we have something in common.that starts with "M"(if u know what i mean)
10)i like ur family, they are very nice & cool & friendly..made me felt comfortable..
11)i like that u can dance
12)i like your patience towards people
13)i like that u are genuine
14)i like your sense of humor
15)i like that ur sporting
16)i like how u encourage and support people
17)i like that u can play the guitar
18)i like that u can go shopping with me n have taste & opinions
19)i like that ur not boastful aka very humble
20)i like that we can talk about most of the things and that u listens to my complains n dont feel irritated ><
21)i like that u bring me to play pool and taught me how.. cos i sucked at it ><


there are more things to like n type out here...but it will nvr end i guess so i figured out 20....that is a lot wana know more then u ask me personally btw, Thank you very much! continue your good will put a smile on my face..=D i hope i put a smile on urs..

"M" .Kylie.

ps- so now ur turn to write..if u want to...ahhahaaha XD